The area presents so many touristic offers that it is difficult to describe all of them

It is rich in history, customs and traditions giving life to a variety of events. By starting our journey from the mountains we will travel little more than 40 kilometres to reach the seaside. That way we may have the chance to talk to a lumberjack and to a sailor. This land offers both horses bred in the wild, once used to carry wood cut in the mountain forests, and mussel farming. The route is dotted with medieval villages; their walls preserve history and traditions and a wide range of traditional crafts and gastronomic delights to satisfy all tastes.

We may even cycle and discover historical sites from Roman times or decide to take the path of faith, that is, travel off the beaten track to visit ancient monasteries, old abbeys and shrines.If we want to enjoy all that, we should cycle at a slow pace along the many roads connecting all the various villages.
It is advisable to take roads with little traffic: they are often unpaved but they will offer us the opportunity to experience unique emotions by watching spectacular views and colours which vary according to the season and the weather.

MARCHE AND BIKE with its professionalism provides quality services to organize guided tours of the lower valley of the Metauro river and its peculiarities.

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