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Nature at 360 degrees – Monte Paganuccio


This tour will give us the opportunity to complete one round trip around the top of Monte Paganuccio. We will have the chance to enjoy a great panoramic view.We will also be able to experience a wide range of colours and flavours depending on the season and the weather; they will stimulate our senses so that we can treasure the beauty surrounding us. A slight climb on an asphalt road will  make up the first three kilometres; that way we can become comfortable with our e-bike, which will help us complete the next three kilometres:  a  three kilometre climb with a challenging slope on a dirt road. The rest of the route is characterized by less difficult slopes alternating with almost flat stretches. On the way we will enjoy breathtaking views. We will then get to beautiful stretches of meadows filled with horses mainly the local Catria breed grazing in the wild (a native breed of horses selected in this area). We are halfway through the tour: from there we will be given the opportunity to enjoy stunning views from the Conero in the east to the peaks of Monte Catria, Nerone and Petrano in the west; the most attentive and luckiest observers might be able to watch the flight of the golden eagle hunting and nesting in those territories. To return to the starting point, it will all be downhill. Now we will have to go down the uphill gradients we faced on the way but  we must be careful and keep our hands on brakes and handlebars. Only in that way we can admire the natural spectacle ahead of us. The tour is over; however, we cannot say we have fully experienced the atmosphere of Monte Paganuccio as every time we are offered the opportunity to visit it, we will enjoy new sensations and experiences.



The Candigliano river, with its flow, has cut the rock away thus creating the deep Furlo gorge.
Today, the river divides Monte Paganuccio from Monte Pietralata. The Furlo Gorge, Monte Paganuccio and Monte Pietralata form the State Nature Reserve of the Furlo Gorge.
Our bike tour suggestions will offer us the opportunity to discover these three areas where the golden eagle has nested and hunted for ages.

The nature reserve is home to many animal species, too: horses bred in the wild, fawns, roe deer, boars, several breeds of birds of prey and birds in general. The whole is surrounded  by woods rich of beautiful blossoms of 1000 colours.

Every season is the right one to visit these mountains and anyone can easily reach the top of them if E-bikes are used.
You don’t need to be an athlete to do that; the only thing you have to do is to ride your E-bike and be willing to make new esperiences.