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AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE – Monte Paganuccio


We shall leave from the store of Marche and Bike heading for the Furlo floodplain; then we will take the road giving access to the Nature Reserve from south-west. While climbing with our bike up to Case Sant’Ubaldo, we will see the forestry house called “La Pradella” and we shall have the chance to enjoy a stunning view of Monte Pietralata and its panoramic terraces on the Furlo Gorge on the opposite side. Once we have reached Case Sant’Ubaldo, which is right in the middle of the nature reserve, we shall take the eastbound road leading towards Ca’ i Fabbri. That stretch of road will give us the opportunity to cycle through the woods full of different colours and smells depending on the season. We may come across the native horses of Catria, bred in the wild, but if we watch carefully and don’t make any noise we may also discover many other species of animals such as the golden eagle flying and hunting in those areas. Before reaching Ca’ i Fabbri we will travel a stretch of road with slight depressions right in the middle of the wood to get to the south-east of the reserve.A new scenery will open in front of our eyes: the central part of the Apennine chain with its typical peaks displays new colours and vegetation. Then we shall travel for some kilometres further on, with the road going slightly uphill before taking the descent leading to the starting point of the route.Our tour is over. However, before leaving we should stop in a guest facility in the area and complete our day by trying some of the tasty local specialties.


The Candigliano river, with its flow, has cut the rock away thus creating the deep Furlo gorge.
Today, the river divides Monte Paganuccio from Monte Pietralata. The Furlo Gorge, Monte Paganuccio and Monte Pietralata form the State Nature Reserve of the Furlo Gorge.
Our bike tour suggestions will offer us the opportunity to discover these three areas where the golden eagle has nested and hunted for ages.

The nature reserve is home to many animal species, too: horses bred in the wild, fawns, roe deer, boars, several breeds of birds of prey and birds in general. The whole is surrounded  by woods rich of beautiful blossoms of 1000 colours.

Every season is the right one to visit these mountains and anyone can easily reach the top of them if E-bikes are used.
You don’t need to be an athlete to do that; the only thing you have to do is to ride your E-bike and be willing to make new esperiences.