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ON THE TOP OF HISTORY – Monte Pietralata


This bike experience will make us realize how the Furlo area has been strategically important from ancient times. Romanesque abbeys, remains of ancient Roman aqueducts , Roman tunnels will be the destination of our tour. We will also visit remains of  much more recent historical periods. The area once called The Duce’s head which is today known as the Furlo’s terraces  will allow us to enjoy breathtaking views from the Adriatic Sea to the peaks of the Apennine mountains. Those who would like to learn about the more remote past, the Museo del Territorio (Museum of the Territory) will offer us the opportunity to discover the history of geological ages  dating back to millions of years ago. We will enjoy a pleasant ride through the woods; our E-bikes will help us overcome the difficulty of the climbs. The only thing we need is to find the right spirit to face them. Enjoying active life in the open air and discovering a unique area is what our suggestion is about.


The Candigliano river, with its flow, has cut the rock away thus creating the deep Furlo gorge. Today, the river divides Monte Paganuccio from Monte Pietralata. The Furlo Gorge, Monte Paganuccio and Monte Pietralata form the State NatureReserve of the Furlo Gorge. Our bike tour suggestions will offer us the opportunity to discover these three areas where the golden eagle has nested and hunted for ages. The nature reserve is home to many animal species, too: horses bred in the wild, fawns, roe deer, boars, several breeds of birds of prey and birds in general. The whole is surrounded  by woods rich of beautiful blossoms of 1000 colours. Every season is the right one to visit these mountains and anyone can easily reach the top of them if E-bikes are used. You don’t need to be an athlete to do that; the only thing you have to do is to ride your E-bike and be willing to make new esperiences.