Exploring Nature with Your Faithful Four-Legged Friend:
The Marche and Bike Experience

If you are an animal lover and enjoy spending time outdoors, Marche and Bike has the perfect experience for you and your faithful four-legged companion.

Thanks to a careful focus on animal comfort, we offer the opportunity to take your furry friend on unforgettable outdoor adventures.

The Comfort of Your Animals is Our Priority

We know how important it is for you to ensure the well-being of your four-legged friend during outdoor activities. That's why we make sure to provide all the necessary precautions to make the trip pleasant and extremely safe for them.

Safe and Ergonomic Transport Systems

Our services include a wide range of transport equipment suitable for dogs of all sizes. From little walking companions to larger four-legged friends, we have ergonomic and safe systems that allow them to fully enjoy the adventure without stress.

Guided Excursions Without Worries

With Marche and Bike, you can take part in exciting guided excursions without the fear of leaving your pet at home. Our expert guides understand the importance of including animals in outdoor trails and work to ensure that every participant, furry or not, enjoys the experience to the fullest.

Personalization of the Experience

Every animal has its preferences, and we understand this well. We offer the possibility to customize the experience based on the specific needs of your four-legged friend. From shaded breaks to quieter walks, we make sure every animal feels comfortable.

In conclusion: An Experience of Complicity with Your Animal

In summary, Marche and Bike offers not only an engaging outdoor experience but also the chance to create lasting memories with your four-legged friend. Let your next adventure include your faithful companion, because when it comes to exploring nature, no one should be left at home.


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