Exploring the Alte Marche Apennine Cycle Route:
Discovering Enchanting Views and Authentic Flavors

Dear cycle touring enthusiasts!

Today we will guide you through an adventurous journey along the suggestive Apennine Cycle Route of the Alte Marche, a 200 km itinerary that promises to immerse you in one of the most fascinating regions of Italy: the Marche.

Departure from Gorge of the Furlo

Our fascinating journey begins from the picturesque Gola del Furlo, the heart of the State Natural Reserve. Choose your bike, whether you prefer the comfort of an e-bike or the tradition of a muscle one, and prepare for an unforgettable experience.

First Stop: from Gorge of the Furlo a Cagli

Cycling through the first stage we will pass by the Municipality of Acqualagna, famous throughout the world for the delicacy of the Truffle, and we will reach Cagli, where the local cured meats and Norcino craftsmanship are a real delight for the palate. The Alte Marche Apennine Cycle Route will guide you through breathtaking landscapes and quiet roads, offering you an unparalleled cycling experience.

Second Stage: from Cagli a piobbico

Let's head towards Piobbico, crossing picturesque scenery and enchanting landscapes. The cycle route continues to give emotions, taking us towards new adventures. Along the way, immerse yourself in the spectacle of the Presale river, which accompanies your ride with its crystal clear waters and its lush vegetation. The landscape, enriched by the panoramic views of the majestic Monte Nerone, offers you a unique and unforgettable perspective.

Third Stage: from piobbico ad Apecchio

The adventure continues in Apecchio, where Italian craft beer reaches new heights of excellence. Thanks to the detailed information provided by Ciclovia, you will be able to explore the art of local brewing and taste unique products.

Fourth Stage: from Apecchio a cantiano

Leaving Apecchio behind, the Alte Marche cycle route takes us towards Cantiano, renowned for its famous black cherries. A journey that blends the beauty of nature with the delights of taste. Cross breathtaking landscapes and let yourself be won over by the authentic flavors of Cantiano, enriching your trip with unique experiences.

Fifth Stage: from cantiano a sassoferrato

Sassoferrato, rich in history and tradition, boasts a deep connection with the ancient Roman city of Sentinum. While cycling along the Alte Marche cycle route, you will be able to admire the signs of the past that blend with the modernity of today. The area, also known for its historic sulfur mine, is a testament to the industrial heritage that has shaped the region over the centuries. Among the picturesque streets and evocative views, let yourself be enveloped by the magic of Sassoferrato, exploring not only its unique flavors such as the "Pork Schooner" but also the deep roots of its history.

Sixth stage: sassoferrato ad arcevia

Cycling towards Arcevia along the Alte Marche cycle route, you will find yourself immersed in the magic of the "City of Seven Castles". Explore history through the ancient towers and enjoy the authentic flavors of Marche cuisine in one of the characteristic restaurants in the center. A short but intense experience among the historical and gastronomic treasures of Arcevia.

Seventh stage: arcevia a Serra Sant'Abbondio

The journey along the Alte Marche cycle path guides us from the history of Arcevia to the authentic traditions of Serra Sant'Abbondio. Admire enchanting views as you cross this stage, discovering the authenticity of a village rich in local stories and flavours. A short route that will leave you immersed in the beauty of the Marche countryside.

Eighth stage: Serra Sant'Abbondio a Pediment

The exciting journey takes us to Frontone, where the panorama is framed by a castle that dominates the surrounding area. Taste the authenticity of the local "crescia" and end the tour on a note of authenticity.

Ninth Stage: Return to Gorge of the Furlo

Finally we return to the Furlo Gorge, closing this fascinating circular route. Along the Haute Marche Cycle Route, you will have passed through historic villages, tasted local specialties and experienced the authenticity of this unique region.

Whether you are an expert cyclist or a travel enthusiast on two wheels, the Alte Marche Apennine Cycle Route offers an unparalleled experience, enriched by the beauty of the landscapes and the richness of the Marche tradition. Set off with us and let us guide you through this fascinating cycling adventure!


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