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Bicycle Rental and Tours with Assisted Pedaling

E-bike rental in the Furlo Reserve

Discover the natural beauty of Gola del Furlo State Nature Reserve with Marche and Bike bike rental. This unique experience gives you the freedom to explore the magic of Gorge of the Furlo on two wheels, combining the tradition of muscle bicycle with the modernity ofpedal-assisted e-bike.

Whether you are a passionate cycle tourist or want a more relaxed ride, Marche and Bike has the perfect bike for every need.

Bikes for the whole family

From muscle bike to advanced e-bike, our fleet offers a variety of options to fit your style. The muscle bike captures the essence of traditional pedaling, while e-bikes make every climb a walk, ideal for exploring trails on the Mount Pietralata e Mount Paganuccio.

Organized e-bike excursions

The Marche and Bike experience doesn't stop at rental. We offer exciting excursions organized in groups, with certified guides, who know every corner of the Furlo Gorge. Each tour is an immersion in the natural beauty and culture of our territory.

e-Bikes Bookable Easily even for the little ones

Booking your cycling adventure is easy with Marche and Bike. Use ours contact form to choose the bikes, select the dates and plan your excursion. We also offer services rental for the little ones and yours four-legged friends, ensuring a tailor-made experience for the whole family.

Choose Marche and Bike for an unforgettable cycling experience in the splendid Gola del Furlo. Rent your bike today and begin your journey through the nature and culture of this extraordinary reserve.

With Marche and Bike, explore the Furlo Gorge Nature Reserve, admire breathtaking views, pass through picturesque villages and enjoy an unparalleled cycling experience. There Gorge of the Furlo is revealed through our paths, offering a combination of adventure and relaxation in the saddle.

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